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i’m most worried about piglet’s ebstein’s anomaly. this seems like the biggest challenge for her at birth. i am encouraged by this story of a woman who lived 38 years with ebstein’s before having it fixed.
For New Yorker Libby Morsheimer, having a rare heart defect was a cloud hanging over her, always present and frequently worrisome. Morsheimer was diagnosed as a child with Ebstein’s anomaly, a defect involving the tricuspid valve of the heart, and lived knowing "somewhere along the line it would have to be dealt with." It was in 2003, at Mayo Clinic. Morsheimer underwent an operation to repair her heart, returned home to Buffalo, New York, and resumed her job as an academic advisor at the University of Buffalo. "I feel like a great weight is lifted," Morsheimer says. "I’m not an Ebstein’s patient anymore and I was for 38 years. Now everything is working the way it should’ve been when I was born."

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July 13, 2005 at 10:13 pm

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