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amelia rose freeland

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amelia rose freeland was born last night 18 july 2005 at 2055. she weighs 7 pounds 13 ounces, and is 20 inches long. despite her tricky heart, her blood is full of oxygen and is reaching the tips of her fingers and ends of her toes. she may even be able to come home from children’s hospital tomorrow – huzzah!
we still have challenges ahead, though. she had another echocardiogram today which confirmed the original diagnosis. The vsd hole between the ventricles is bigger than what the doctors typically see, and the ebstein’s anomaly is severe. the tricuspid valve is low in the right ventricle and shrinks the chamber’s effective size, limiting blood flow.
but the good news is that there is minimal leakage and her vitals are basically perfect. her heart may be all backwards, but in such a way that for now she has achieved her own balance. with luck this will continue and she will grow bigger and stronger. every day she survives without intervention dramatically increases her outlook.
julia did an amazing job delivering our daughter and keeping herself together in the process. our biggest fear was that the girl would arrive in an unstable condition, require immediate attention, and be swept off to some room to which we had no access and from which she would not return alive. this fear was overwhelming, and could easily have been paralyzing: as long as piglet remained in the womb she would live, so why push her out to an uncertain and scary future? julia powered through this fear and fulfilled her role with grace and dignity.
we picked the name amelia for the pioneering 1930s aviator, amelia earhart, and in honor of my father, a navy carrier pilot who served two tours in vietnam and then flew over 30 years for united airlines. it also evokes for me the courageous pilots of vol de nuit (night flight), an existential story by antoine de saint-exupery who is most famous for le petit prince. our amelia has already shown us her stoic attitude in the face of heavy challenges, and her spirit has begun to soar.
rose was the name of julia’s old pink teddy bear, and it just sounds cool with amelia.

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July 19, 2005 at 4:49 pm

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