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why i work at microsoft

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here’s an email i wrote to my colleagues on the spaces team:

My second child was born last week. Ten days prior to her due date we found out difficult news that called into question whether she was going to make it home. Fortunately, she did. During those 10 days I used my windows pc to search the internet, learn about her medical condition, dig into the reputation of her doctors, and email updates to family and friends. I did all of this without even realizing how heavily I was relying on technologies provided by Microsoft, and pretty much just took it for granted.

But I also did something new: I updated my space. For friends and family, this has been a great way to keep in touch: they don’t have to wait for me to push them information and instead can just go and get the latest themselves. For me, though, my space has been more, waaay more, than just a way to communicate. It gives me a voice to record and express my angst over what is happening to my family. Writing my space has been cathartic, preparing me for the challenges we are facing and thus enabling me to be the steady son, brother, husband and father that my family needs.

I know sometimes we may feel like we’re just making software, working for the man, but sometimes it’s waaay more than this: we’re helping people live their lives. One of the things my new daughter has reminded me of is to not take things for granted, so thanks for making such a great service.

this is why i’m a surfista for the revolution – we’re making cool stuff where i work.


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July 26, 2005 at 11:15 pm

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  1. right on. sometimes when i get discouraged i just stop and think about all the millions of lives we impact here. and i wish more people knew about the power of our technologies – when my little sister had a baby with down\’s syndrome and type 1 diabetes last year i wished so much that she used something like spaces to keep her far-flung family informed about his condition. when she did find the time, she sent emails with photos and that has actually *been* so much of the la revolution!


    August 2, 2005 at 12:20 pm

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