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winding down

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amelia’s heart is like a wind-up toy. at her birth, we were afraid the whole thing, once on its own and free of the umbilical cord’s steady guidance, would spin too rapidly and blow apart. fortunately that didn’t happen.

now the question is "how fast is it winding down?" after our two week check-up with dr lewin, the answer seems to be "fairly quickly," as in we’ll likely need to schedule open heart surgery in the next 3 to 12 months. but even if the wind-down rate were slower, we would only gain the luxury, and the anguish, of having to pick the best time to schedule the very same surgery we are facing in the speedier wind-down scenario. in some ways it’s a lot easier to just have our hand forced by events. since the procedure she requires is rare and risky, we will likely need to travel to the cleveland clinic to have dr roger mee, one of the world’s best pediatric cardiac surgeons, perform the operation.

there is still a lot of uncertainty about the exact timing of the surgery and we will continue to monitor her to figure this out. for now, she’s a wonderful newborn who has found her lungs and is not shy about using them, especially around 3 ammmmmmmmmmmmmm

oops, sorry. fell asleep there at the keyboard for a second.


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August 7, 2005 at 5:52 pm

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