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5 years

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today is our 5th anniversary. julia recently found something i wrote just before our wedding while racing aboard ariel from san francisco to hawaii. i gave this to her with traditional wedding day gift of pearls.
Wedding Day
For Julia
August 12, 2000
Black Night, heavy with cloud,
rubs her inky finger across the horizon,
smudging the seam between heaven and sea.
I cannot see,
and with no stars to guide my course
Ariel’s wake wanders.
Foreward, aft,
port, starboard,
above, below —
all around an infinte disk of darkness.
Blindly, I thrust the bow ahead,
parting the Pacific.
Behind, the soft green afterglow of bioluminesence
vainly scrambles to fill the wake.
Suddenly, moonrise.
Like a proud oyster revealing its sacred pearl,
Night unclasps her clouds
and sends the moon on its langorous arc across the sky.
The night sun’s strange reverse glow transforms the dark world,
defining the difference between:
squall rain and sea spray;
cumulonimbus and stratus fractus;
Ashy storm petrels and California flying fish.
In the moonlight even the invisible winds win names:
Trades, Konas, Doldrums, and Zephyrs.
My course is clear.
What was once hidden is now revealed.
Where before I steered by instinct, now I steer with purpose.
A new life has begun,
and I will live by the rhythm
of Night’s beautiful and seductive child,
the pearled moon.
Neal Freeland
Pacific Ocean
July 2000

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August 12, 2005 at 4:28 pm

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  1. I just looked at Neal´s Homepage and found that great poem, Neal wrote.I rememebered that very shaky voice of mine when I read it and the beautiful women, who listened – most of all the breathtaking bride.My most cordial congratulations to your anniversaryand best wishesMirko


    October 23, 2005 at 10:58 am

  2. […] Wedding Day, 2000 (posted 2005) […]

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