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Twin Falls and North Bend

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Julia went to San Francisco this weekend with Amelia, so Zack and I had a boy’s day today. We went hiking at Twin Falls.
Twin Falls trail follows the Snoqualmie River up a tight canyon lined with old growth fir to two impressive waterfalls. The trail is wide and smooth, but two big switchback climbs up the canyon wall and back down make it challenging enough to ensure healthy exercise, especially if you’re carrying a child in the backback like I was. Near the top of the second climb is a set of stairs that descends to a spectacular viewing platform. It’s literally perched on top of the rock cliff and offers a dramatic view of the first waterfall. Further up the trail is a wood bridge over the river with a view of the second waterfall.
It’s always amazing to me how close the mountains are to Seattle. A mere 45 minutes east on I-90, and then 5 minutes south off the highway, and we were out there in the woods by the river. After a 90 minute hike, we drive a few miles back west to North Bend for lunch at Twede’s cafe. Famous as the setting for Twin Peaks movie, the place has yellow tweety birds covering the walls, crayons for the kids, and large milkshakes. The food was pretty good and the service prompt. All in all, a nice day.

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April 2, 2006 at 10:27 pm

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