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Re-org wrap-up

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Big organizations are messy. Re-orgs are designed to fix them, but always make them messier before they make them a bit better. Back in late March I and nine other marketers were assigned to work Steven Sinofsky’s engineering organization. However, he has been a little distracted preparing Office 12 for launch, transitioning his old org to new leadership, and thinking about how to fix Windows. These are massive projects and, obviously, the last thing on his mind was the future of ten marketers. Still, we never even got a welcome email. Our arrival was greeted with eerie silence. Weird.
Meanwhile, my former peers and leaders in marketing proceeded to define their new organization. I watched as my role, responsibilites and team migrated over to a new group, and were then assigned to a new leader. Since I was officially in engineering, no one thought I was available to take the job in marketing. The GM even said something like "It’s too bad because you would have been perfect." Again, weird.
No matter. After making it clear I wanted to be part of the new marketing team, I am now in charge of global search marketing. For the last few years I have been doing inbound marketing, bringing consumer and advertiser insight to product development. Now I get to round out my skills on the other side of marketing. Taking search to market is a huge project that will challenge me in new ways, and after 10 weeks watching the division wallow in the messiness that accompanies any re-org, I’m fired-up to get going again and make some good things happen.

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June 11, 2006 at 12:03 am

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