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Seafair Baffle Gab Milk Carton Derby

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Jim and Amy Neuberger, along with James (2) and Alaina (5) came over today and we went to Green Lake for the Milk Carton Derby, which marks the start of the month long Seafair activities. After coffee and scones at Zoka’s, we headed to the lake and saw miniature pigs perform tricks, an energetic magician (George A. Magician), dragon boat barrel races, and, of course, the derby. The kids really enjoyed it. The boats were pretty intricate and many showed immense amounts of engineering and construction effort. My favorite was a viking boat. Julia is looking forward to entering this event in a few more years with the kids. It was also nice to spend some time getting to know the Neubergers a bit more.

Written by nealfreeland

July 1, 2006 at 9:19 pm

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