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Introducing Windows Live Search

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We started to launch Live Search this week. 1% of searchers from the homepage in the US, UK, and Japan can see the new search results as part of a test flight. We’re starting with a test because we want to make sure that people aren’t so enamored with the great new service that they forget to click on the sponsored links – we still need to pay the bills :).
If you’re not in the flight you can preview the new search experience from the link on the top left of the msn homepage. Today it says "Try new search – When did WWII end?" From the search results you’re supposed to be able to click to a marketing page that explains a little bit about what we’re doing. Not sure why it’s not there. I’ve been on vacation touring Oregon for the last two weeks with Julia and the kids (at the in-laws in Springfield tonight) so I’ve lost track of what’s going on in Redmond.
Still, it’s pretty exciting to see our new stuff reaching a mass audience. The page is fast, has great results, and I love the image search experience. It’s really unique. There’s more to come, and we’ll be releasing updates all fall. Our marketing will build with these releases and really start to communicate the improvements in a creative and compelling way. This is an exciting time to be working on search and I feel really lucky to be part of the team.

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September 1, 2006 at 11:07 pm

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