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Christmas Eve Surf in Oregon

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Drove from Eugene to Florence on the Oregon coast at dawn today. Highway 126 winds along several creeks and rivers through the low slung coastal mountains, running mostly parallel to an old logging railroad. Through the intermittent rain I could see tall mossy trees covering the valley pass, and the occasional farm starting the day in the misty bogs. This is exactly why I really like the Pacific Northwest.
Florence is located at the mouth of the Siuslaw river, surrounded by huge, massive and long coastal sand dunes. I drove out to the tip of the south jetty, where the surf was equally massive and closed out. In the channel, though, long rollers slowly ran between the breakwaters. I was a little worried about being alone in a new spot, and the body of a large sea lion seemed like a bad sign. So I was happy to meet a local from Eugene named Clark, and the two of us decided to try the channel.
As I was climbing down the breakwater, a small wave suddenly surged up and drove my board into my chin. Fortunately, the 51 degree water numbed it pretty quickly and it wasn’t until I was driving back to Eugene that I noticed some blood and that my teeth didn’t line up. Ah well, should be better in the morning. The waves broke nicely into the channel, and the river flow took us back out to the lineup. I caught a few long rides and had a nice morning. Very fun.
Map here.

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December 24, 2006 at 9:14 pm

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