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Bailey’s, please

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Christmas morning arrived and I decided to observe a little tradition in line with my Scots-Irish heritage and add some Bailey’s to my coffee. Don, my father-in-law, said "Oh! I think we’ve got some of that around here." After five minutes of spelunking, an unopened bottle was found in a dusty rack in the kitchen. I’ve never seen this before, but the cream had turned to a kind of cheese: it was a solid mass. As we were wondering how long it must have been there, Kate, my mother-in-law, found a small bottle of Kahlua that was still about 1/3rd full. Alas, it, too, smelled fishy. That’s when I noticed a sticker: "Marine Corps Mess." Don served as a Navy doctor during the Vietnam war, which meant the bottle was 35 years old. Love my sweet, tee-totaling in-laws, and the dedication it takes to carry a bottle of booze around from move to move over the years, especially without any intention to ever drink it. 🙂

Written by nealfreeland

December 27, 2006 at 10:26 pm

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