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Took a group of buddies for a tour of the Georgetown Brewery south of the stadium this weekend. I know the brewer and owner Manny Chao through Erik, who I sail with every summer (they went to UW together). Manny’s business has doubled every year since he opened 4 years ago. I remember the opening when he only had 2 fermenters, and now the hall has 14. We tasted (and tasted and tasted – half glasses of course) and had a great time.
My favorite part of the tour was the cooler. We asked him what happens if he loses power (Seattle just had a HUGE storm that knocked 1.5 M people off the grid for up to 8 days). As a small business owner, he doesn’t have a back-up generator, but he said fortunately the local power company is pretty responsive. We joked that the work crews would say things like "Forget city hall, SAVE THE BEER!!!"

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January 8, 2007 at 9:19 am

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