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Holmstrom Wedding + Farellas

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Josh and Jill married in a little log cabing on Lake Louise outside Boyne Mountain in northern Michigan. The two families made quite a contrast.  The Holmstroms from Utah, loud, boisterous, energetic dancers and black sheep who left the Mormon church. The Gilberts from Michigan, stoic, elegant speakers, and married by their Methodist grandfather who founded the lakeside Christian community where the wedding occurred. It was a heck of a trip getting up there, flight to Detroit, long drive north, 14 hours total travel with 2 toddlers. But Josh looked pumped and I’m glad to see him happy.
After the wedding we went to Clarkston, MI to visit Mark and Donna and their kids Dominic (7), Mia (5) and Luke (2). I really miss them, and they’ve got a great life in Michigan with lots of family and friends, though the economy is hurting due to the long decline of the US auto industry. W definitely need to see them more frequently.

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July 16, 2007 at 12:21 pm

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