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Morning with Billg

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15 search business team managers had a 2 day offsite at Alderbrook Resort and Spa on Hood Canal. There are many new people and we wanted to get to know each other and align our goals for the upcoming year. The resort was typical northwest architecture with stunning views of the mountains and local waters, and it was fun talking and eating dinner with everyone. 
As a nice surprise, our GM Brad managed to convince Bill Gates to take one hour out of his vacation from an old family home next door and talk with us about search. He showed up in shorts, black socks and white tennis shoes. So classic! He was very knowledgeable about our product team and strategies and it was a good conversation. It definitely feels like he’s going to stay engaged with search even as he shifts more of his time next year towards philanthropy. This makes sense: he’s only 51 and wants to make sure Microsoft stays relevant in the third great wave of computing on the internet. The company beat IBM (which owned the first wave of the mainframe) to take over the second wave on the desktop. I don’t think he wants to watch his company fail against Google. So he seems engaged on search, which can only help us.

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August 30, 2007 at 11:12 pm

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