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Puerto Vallarta

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Julia and I took to the kids to Puerto Vallarta for a week’s vacation. It’s been a long, cold grey winter here in Seattle and Julia, who is 5 months pregnant, was definitely in need of some sunshine. So we responded to a spam email from the LA Times (who says marketing doesn’t work – I also found my excellent mortgage broker through a piece of junk mail) and booked a one week stay at the Riu Jalisco all-inclusive resort. Hotel, food, drinks, pool, beach, transportation to and from airport. It was all included, and all for only $1200. Since we also used miles to get there it was quite a deal.
I never thought I’d do a trip like this, but with two toddlers and a pregnant wife it was perfect. The food buffet was pretty good, and the kids absolutely loved the kiddie pool. They literally would spend 3 hours in the pool each day, jumping from the edge or going down the slide or climbing the ladder over and over and over. Zack also used a circle floatie to catch his first waves in the Banderas Bay beach break. The hotel was really nice, but not overly opulent and since we were there for Cinco de Mayo holiday the vast majority of other guests were Mexican. Other highlights included post dinner sunsets, tearing up the dance floor to salsa beat (the kids shook their hips hard), musicals by the staff (Grease, Dances of Mexico, Cirque de Soleil), and a dolphin encounter (Amelia loved tickling Triton and being splashed by his flippers as he "laughed").

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May 10, 2008 at 4:07 pm

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