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I’m way behind posting on this, but last summer I joined BuddyTV to run marketing. It’s a small company, less than 20 people, and I really like that I get to wear multiple hats: one day I’m writing our brand strategy, the next day a press release, and the day after that attending scrum meeting with our engineering team. Here’s an excerpt from a business development document I wrote that describes what we do:

BuddyTV is a place for true fans. We’re the #2 fastest growing site in the US, with over 5 M monthly visitors (comScore, November 2009). We’re in the same league as the portals (MSN, Yahoo, AOL) and bigger than TV Guide, and the networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, The CW). Yet you’ve probably never heard of us. It’s time to change that and we’re hard at work.

Our growth has been driven by our grassroots community. We’re independent, and our professional writers produce honest and authentic content (examples: articles, photo slideshows, videos) that true fans appreciate. They like that we’re not part of a corporate media conglomerate and trust us because we have no hidden agenda. This helps create an inviting place for fans to meet and talk to others who share their passions. In fact, fans are co-creators of the BuddyTV experience, submitting articles, trivia questions, and carrying on conversations in discussion threads, comments, and social media. Our role is to support this community by providing the context and information they’re seeking.

What makes us unique from other TV sites, though, is that we not only provide content and support our community, we’ve also figured out how to capture the essential benefit of entertainment: we make TV more fun. We’ve got trivia, fantasy TV, photo graffiti, contests, Starpoints, prize auctions and more. These experiences are exciting and energizing, enhancing our fans’ passion for their favorite shows. Instead of watching just once a week, on BuddyTV fans can play every day.

BuddyTV today is coming close to fulfilling the original vision of our founders. Four years ago they realized that TV was moving from a passive “lean-back” experience to an interactive “lean-in” one. They founded the company to capitalize on and push this trend forward, ultimately helping to change how people engage with the most popular form of entertainment in history.


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January 3, 2010 at 9:06 pm

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