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Memorial Day 2014

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Here’s a note I sent to some co-workers on Friday morning prior to Memorial Day weekend

Hey all – I just wanted to take a moment a remind us that this weekend is Memorial Day. It’s a great time to enjoy a bbq with family and friends, and appreciate the improving weather as we head into summer. If you’d like to, maybe you can take a moment to reflect on the meaning of the holiday as well, which is to honor those who died in service to their country. I’m a veteran so this holiday has special meaning to me, but I’d like to use it as an opportunity to remind myself that my job is important and I should strive to make it meaningful. Any veteran will tell you that yes of course they love their country, but what all veterans really care about is the brothers and sisters they serve with. This is why Memorial Day is so meaningful: it honors those who served, and didn’t come back.

Today we work together making software. One day we’ll just have the memories of having worked together. I try hard every day to help make those good memories.

Thanks for all you do, and enjoy the weekend!

Memorial Day

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May 26, 2014 at 8:01 pm

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